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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about IOP, process, and how to get started with The Nourished Nest Foundation

Payment and Insurance

One of the most frequently asked questions we encounter is in regard to insurance and our rates. 

We are currently in-network with the following insurance companies.  If your insurance company is not listed, please contact us to find out about out-of-network or self-pay options.

Accepted Insurance
  • Quest Behavioral Health

  • Highmark

  • Magellan

  • Aetna

  • IBX

Payments accepted

We accept payment through HIPAA-compliant payment processing software within our client portal, Simple Practice. This ensures that your financial information remains encrypted and protected. Payment for each session will be posted after each session. If you need an invoice, for payment please contact us.

We require a credit card on file for all clients to be able to collect payment. If you need to change or update your credit card on file, you can sign into the client portal, Simple Practice. We accept major credit cards and HSA (Health Savings Accounts) for payment. Payments are posted after each session.

How can I find out what my insurance covers?

To find out what your insurance may cover, contact your insurance and ask about your mental health coverage. Specifically, ask what is covered for an intensive outpatient program.​

Other things you may want to ask about are:

  • What your deductible is

  • What your co-insurance payment will be

  • How many visits you get per year

  • If you need authorization for your visits

  • Details on how to submit a superbill

Contact us if you would like more guidance on how to figure out what your insurance will cover.

IOP General Questions

  • What do people talk about in IOP?
    Discussions are unique to each individual and each group. What is discussed is largely up to the individual. When it is a group session, the clinician leading the group may direct discussions to a particular topic.
  • Why should I attend IOP?
    There are a variety of reasons you may choose to attend an IOP. Some individuals find they need more support from a mental health professional than typical weekly or bi-weekly sessions can provide. Others may be referred by their doctor or clinician. An IOP can also be helpful in practicing learned coping skills in your typical environment as participants return home each evening.
  • What is IOP?
    An IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) provides a higher level of care for those in need of targeted mental health services. For those who do not need residential care, an IOP can provide a step up from typical mental health care through more frequent visits with your individual therapist in addition to groups and medication management if appropriate. An IOP can assist in establishing psychosocial support while maintaining a more normal daily routine.
  • How long will IOP last?
    Typical time in an IOP is 30-60 days with assessments throughout the process.
  • What is the success rate of IOP?
    The success rate of an IOP program varies based on many factors including the participants commitment to the process, regular attendance, and practicing the skills and tools provided. At the Nourished Nest Foundation we are committed to making each participant’s experience highly effective and tailored to you in order to experience the highest level of success possible. We will work with you to establish goals, maximize your treatment plan, and engage you as an active part of the team.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We are currently in network with the following insurance companies. Aetna Magellan Health If your insurance company is not listed, please contact us to find out about out-of-network or self-pay options.
  • Where is the IOP located?
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