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Intensive Outpatient Program 

Welcome to The Nourished Nest Foundation IOP.  We concentrate on providing mental health services to the Philadelphia area, with a focus on helping those in our community.



What is IOP?

Intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a level of behavioral healthcare that is typically more structured and intensive than traditional weekly therapy. IOP allows individuals to work through their issues at a higher level of care with more support.  It is designed for individuals who need more treatment and support than can be provided through traditional outpatient services, but who do not require the level of care provided through residential/inpatient treatment services. 

IOP typically involves supported groups, individual therapy sessions, and family therapy programming that is conducted several times per week.

The goal of IOP is to provide individuals with access to the support and treatment they need to manage their mental health issues and, while still allowing them to maintain their daily routines and responsibilities. We work with our clients to assist them in being present within the roles of being a parent, employee and support for others in their lives while also receiving the support for themselves. 

Support Group Meeting

What to Expect in IOP?

IOP provides individual sessions and group sessions.  We concentrate on specific groups and creating groups that are comfortable and safe environments to process and share.

  • Groups are in person

  • Groups are 3-4 days a week (based on individual and clinical needs)

  • Groups are 2 hours in duration

  • Groups are around 8-12 people 

Girl in Therapy

How Long is IOP?

The time spent in our Intensive Outpatient Program is established at the onset of treatment. Should you require additional time beyond the initial plan, we will work with you and your insurance provider (if applicable) to extend your time in our program.

The average time spent in an IOP is between thirty to sixty days. However, each person is unique and the time in our program varies by need and treatment plan. We will work with you from start to finish to establish your length of stay and meet your personal and clinical goals.

Foundation Team

The Nourished Nest Foundation is led by a team of experienced professionals with experience helping establish successful community-focused mental health programs.  They are dedicated to bringing accessible mental health resources to the people of Philadelphia. 

Group Session Schedule

The IOP schedule will be provided during the intake process and will include group sessions and medication management.  Family and Individual sessions are scheduled on an individual basis.  

Clients are matched into groups based on age, maturity, and experiences to ensure a safe, supportive, and affirmative space for healing.


How it all works?

Green Ivy on Stone Wall



  • Meet with an Intake Coordinator

  • Finish the Intake paperwork

  • Obtain a start date and schedule for group sessions

  • Schedule a consultation for individual therapy, family therapy, and/or medication management


Work the Program 

  • Meet Group Therapist

  • Complete consultation for other session types

  • Meet with an Individual and Family Therapists

  • Attend sessions as scheduled for your individual program and progress needs


Prepare for Step Down

  • Meet with Group Therapist 2 weeks before the end of your program schedule

  • Prepare a plan to step down from the IOP program 

  • Discuss continued support


Step into Aftercare

  • Meet with Program Coordinator

  • Confirm plan for ongoing support and aftercare

  • Schedule sessions for individual therapy

  • Receive community and alumni resources 

Let's Get Started

1. Get in Touch 

If you are interested in attending our IOP program, our admissions coordinator will assist you through the process and answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to connect with us via phone, or submit our form and we’ll be happy to reach out to you.

2. Speak Your Truth

After you learn more about our program at the Nourished Nest Foundation, you'll meet with our clinical team to discuss your mental health history, needs, and goals. We will work to ensure that you are placed in a program that is able to meet your needs.  We'll also work with your insurance company to get you started as soon as possible. Your family's urgency is our priority.

3. Get Connected with Others

We'll place you into therapy groups with peers going through similar challenges, where you'll meet several times per week, every week. You will work with therapists and groups who relate to your unique lived experiences. Having partners along your journey is the key to sustainable healing.

4. Start Your Healing Journey

In addition to weekly therapy groups, you'll continue with weekly 1:1 therapy and family therapy as well as psychiatric medication management if appropriate. We will work with you to create an individualized therapy plan. We will assure that your plan helps you process the source of your mental health needs and assist you in finding balance.

Blurry Forest


Accepted Insurance

We are now in network with the following insurance companies.  If your insurance company is not listed, please contact us to find out about out-of-network or self-pay options.

  • Quest Behavioral Health

  • Highmark

  • Magellan

  • Aetna

  • IBX

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